In Hungary the Misstiq Duo is a unique chamber music formation, which pairs a saxophone and a violoncello.

We are both trained performers with years of chamber music experience. The duo was formed in 2016 after a chance meeting.

In 2018 the Duo got a Golden Award and was choosen to the „Ten Of The Best” at the „Svirel” international competition in Slovenia and they won the III. prize at the "Danubia Talents" international Competition.

The unusual instrument pairing suggests a unique repertoire. In our line-up from classical to contemporary and from romantic to crossovers there are many music styles that can be found in our personally-crafted transcriptions, and respectively original works written for this formation.


  • Baja, Turisztikai Központ

    "Utazás a zenei műfajok mentén"

    Madarász Andor Alapítvány jótékonysági koncertje

  • Tanári koncert

    Bajai Zeneiskola Művészeti Hét

  • Érsekcsanád (HU)

    Andvent concert

  • Turisztikai Központ Baja (HU)

    Misstiq Duo and Mihajlo Zurkovic - piano

  • Baja (HU), Barátok Church

  • Pécsi Művészeti Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola

    Marcus Weiss masterclass

  • Sükösd (HU)

    Anna-days opening concert

  • Zagreb (HR)

    XVIII World Saxophone Congress - recital

    STUDENT CENTRE Theatre &TD Semicircular Hall

  • Vaskút (HU)

    Elementary school music camp - interactive concert

  • Vila Vipolže (SLO)

    Chamber music competition

  • Szeged (HU), The University of Szeged - Faculty of Music


  • Baja (HU), Culture Palace Of Bacska

    Bajai Liszt Ferenc AMI, Művészeti Hét, Tanári koncert

  • Labin (HR)


  • Baja (HU), Touristic Centre

    Andor Madarász Foundation concert

  • Novi Sad, Galerija-Zavod za Kulturu Vojvodine


  • Kanjiza, House of Arts

    Teacher's Day ceremony

  • Baja, Véndió restaurant

    Business workshop

  • Budapest,

    "Scolarship for the Nation's Young Talents" ceremony

  • Baja, recital

    Trauma processing with music and restorative techniques

  • Baja, Francovilla Palinka Culture and shop

    Palinka tastin tied with concert 

    To enter you first need to register which you can do on the website of the events host.


  • Zamárdi, Hotel Wellamarin

    Music night

  • Vaskút

    Elementary school music camp

  • Budapest, Béla Bartók Musical High School

    Countrywide Fon-Trade Saxophone Day

  • Baja, Culture Palace Of Bacska

    Opening concert of the Fantastic Program Series Of Baja, Misstiq Duo debut concert

  • University of Debrecen Faculty of Music

    MA saxopone recital of Noémi Szoke

  • Baja, Touristic Centre

    Concert Noemi Szoke

  • Baja

    Recital at the Rotary Club

  • Budapest

    Masterclass of Philippe Geiss saxophonist

  • Baja, Culture Palace Of Bacska

    Ferenc Liszt music school, Art Week of Baja, Magisterial Concert

  • Hospital of Baja

    Christmas celebration