About us

The Misstiq Duo was formed after a chance meeting that changed both of our lives. Having never met before, a relative-friend connection brought us together. Forming a chamber music duo seemed like a bold venture at first but we took our chances.

The first meeting was really productive. The plan was to perform together and accomplish great things. We started working hard, building a repertoire, making transcriptions, searching for original works made for this type of composition. We optimised a new world of sounds created by the two instruments.

We were able to create something new, unknown and mystical, to introduce into the everyday lives of music-loving people. With this combination of wind, string, modern and “old” instruments we guide the audience into a special world through a diverse repertoire.

Hilda Szecsenyi

Hilda Szecsenyi, violoncello artist, was born in the town of Magyarkanizsa in Vojvodina. She was six years old when she first held a musical instrument in her hands and it was love at first sight.

She started at the elementary music school in her home town and she continued her studies as a student of Zsuzsanna Szebenyi in the Secondary School of Arts in Subotica.

Hilda showed talent at a very early age and took part in countless national and international contests, from which she returned with acclaim.

  • 1992. Senta, Festival Of Serbian Music Schools, II. place
  • 1994. Valjevo, Festival Of Serbian Music Schools, II. place
  • 1995. Subotica, Festival Of Serbian Music Schools, II. place
  • 1996. Bor, Festival Of Serbian Music Schools, I. place
  • 1998. Kotor, International Musical Contest, III. place

Hilda finished her expert level studies in the Art Academy of Novi Sad in the class of art teacher, Imre Kalman. She used the time she spent there to expand her knowledge by completing several master level courses.

She studied with acclaimed artists, including Maria Kliegel, Luiz Hopkins, Aleksandar Knjazev, Tamás Kedves, Alekszandra Velez, Giovanni Solima.

In 2009 she received her master degree as an art teacher, also under Imre Kalman as her mentor at the Art Academy of Novi Sad.

From 2005 she began teaching at the Academy of Novi Sad with a focus on chamber music and within that, string quartets.

Hilda has taken part in many concerts as a soloist, a chamber musician and as a member of a symphonic orchestra. She was a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of Vojvodina, the Arion Chamber Orchestra and the 2+1 piano trio.

Since 2017 Hilda has taught violoncello at the Liszt Ferenc music school of Baja and the Laszlo Lukin music school in Baja.

Since 2017 September she is a student of the doctorate course (DLA) at the Academy of Novi Sad in the class of Aleksandar Tasic.

Noemi Szoke

Noemi Szoke was born in 1993 in Baja, Hungary. She was not born into a musical family but was drawn to music at a very early age. When she was 5 years old, Noemi studied on violoncello and piano at the Ferenc Liszt music school of Baja. She started playing the saxophone at the age of 8 which became a defining moment in her life.

Noemi finished her studies at the High School of Arts of Pecs studying the saxophone, under the tutoring of Zsuzsanna Szendrői. During this time Noemi became familiar with the true sound of a classic saxophone. During her time at Pecs Noemi gained a significant amount of experience and was a successful participant in many competitions.

  • 2010. Győr, National saxophone contest, I. place
  • 2010. Koper (Slovenia), National saxophone contest, II. place
  • 2010 as a soloist she could perform with the Pannon Philharmonic orchestra
  • 2011. Szeged, National Chamber Music Contest III. place
  • 2011. Pro Talento prize from the city of Pécs
  • 2011. Rotary Club of Pécsi award
  • 2011. She received the award of the National Talent Council (Géniusz portal)

In 2012 Noemi gained admission to the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität to study with Lars Mlekusch saxophone professor of Vienna. In 2012 she won first prize for a scholarship application, where she stood before the audience with a creative production together with members of the saxophone branch and dancers complementing the performance (Fidelio-Wettbewerb). In 2012 Noemi took part in an international saxophone competition in Poland, where she reached the semi-finals. She also gained a plenty of experience when she assisted in organizing the I. and II. International Saxfest of Vienna, in which she was an active participant.

Noemi regularly visited international master courses as an active participant (Arno Bornkamp, Marcus Weiss, Eugene Rousseau, Claude Delangle, Philippe Geiss, Vincent David, Marie-B Charrier, Alfonso Padilla, Jerome Laran, Pawel Gusnar, Harry White, Enzo Filipetti, Christian Wirth, Mariano Garcia, Daniel Gauthier) and performed across Europe as a member of many diverse musical formations.

In 2015 as a member of the „ensemble.konsax.wien” Noemi made a CD recording of the “Stockhausen-Stiftung für Musik” (K.Stockhausen: Linker Augentanz), which is the most important creation of K. Stockhausen for a saxophone band.

From 2015 she was a student at the University of Debrecen Musical Art Faculty, and her teacher was Dr. Levente Puskás.

In 2017 after her studies Noemi received her master degree diploma to become a saxophone artist and teacher. In 2016 she received an artistic scholarship from the University of Debrecen.

In 2017 and in 2018 she won the “Scholarship for the Nation’s Young Talents” at the Ministry Of Human Resources.

From 2015 Noemi started working as a saxophone teacher at the Liszt Ferenc Music School of Baja and the Secondary School of Arts of Nyíregyháza. From 2017 until this day Noemi is a saxophone teacher at the University Of Szeged István Vánus Practicing Musical Arts High School.

From 2019 she is the saxophone teacher at the University of Miskolc.

Since 2018 September she is a student of the doctorate course (DLA) at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts.

Chamber music has an important place in Noemi’s life, and she is a member and founder of several bands (The Saxsound Quartet, Uniqum Saxophone Quartet, Classax Quartet, Hungarian Saxophone Consort, ensemble.konsax.wien, Trio Enigma, Misstiq Duo, and different wind orchestras).

She also makes regular appearances with symphonic orchestras.