Behind the unusual instrument pairing lies a consciously built concept. Our aim is to present the audience with original musical pieces written for this particular type of composition. Transcriptions are also made by us from great pieces of classical music, including Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Many of these transcriptions are made for piano, violin, clarinet or bassoon duos. We are continuously working on these transcriptions to orchestrate new pieces of music and to exploit the capabilities of our instruments. We took a look into the world of pop music, which was always attractive to us, but we have only recently had the opportunity to render such works. We now orchestrate these types of light and popular works for the enjoyment of the audience and ourselves.


Classical music

W. A. Mozart: 12 Duos (KV 487) 
L. van Beethoven: Duo (clarinet, bassoon) WoO 27, No. 1 C-Major
C. M. von Weber: Aufforderung zum Tanz Op. 65
J. Brahms: V. Hungarian Dance
J. S. Bach: 4. Two-Part Invention BWV. 775
J. S. Bach: Cellosuite No. 1 G-Major, BWV 1007
J. S. Bach: d-minor Violin Double concerto, BWV 1043
G. F. Händel - J. Halvorsen: Passacaglia

Contemporary music

R. Déjardin: Little road trip 
E. Denisov: Sonata
A. Stallaert: Bestiaire
L. Larsen: Bid Call 
D. Liebman: Ode for Leo 
G. Raphael: Divertimento 
P. Richards: Jigsaw
S. Gajic: Echoes of Goldenpine Woods - I. DIVA, II. Dance of the Nymphs
S. Gajic: Night Train 
M. Balogh: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


M. Nyman: Double concerto for saxophone and cello with orchestra
N. Kapustin: Duo for cello and saxophone
N. Kapustin: Trio for flute (sopransaxophone) cello and piano
J. Nagao: Paganini Lost 
M. Curtis: Rumanian Hora, Chusidl & Bulgar
A. G. Villoldo: El Choclo – Tango 
C. Chaminade: Lolita – Caprice Espagnole 
M. Twycross: Praeludium II Revisited 
M. Twycross: Two part inventions – Ground swell, Standing stoned
Anon.: Cello Duet
Anon: Duo 2.


Sting: Fragile 
Coldplay: Viva la Vida 
Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal 
Muse: Resistance 
U2: With or without you
Kings of Leon: Use somebody

We also play pop and rock hits and usually we play these songs as entertaining music.
For example: Rihanna: We found love, Sean-Paul, Anne-Marie: Rockabye, Avicii: Wake me up, John Legend: All of me, Celine Dion – Andrea Bocelli: The prayer, Doris Day: Dream a little dream